Disruption is creating opportunities and challenges for global banks.


The Banking and Capital Markets industry is witnessing unprecedented competition, not only from traditional providers but also from retail, Big Tech, and other new entrants. Customer satisfaction standards must stack up to firms providing financial services but also with these new competitors.

Disruption is creating opportunities and challenges for global banks.

As the emphasis on risk management and regulatory compliance persists, it is crucial for banks to address their increasingly complex obligations and the increased expectations from customers and investors.

They need to modify and refine their operational and business structures to achieve those goals.Innovation and business-driven transformation will be essential to manage a rapidly change risk and compliance landscape. To stay competitive and relevant, each bank must accept disruption and strategically develop an enhanced risk and compliance ecosystem.

Our global team of industry-focused consultants combines sector expertise with technical proficiency. We collaborate with clients to explore digital innovations, novel business processes, and ecosystem partnerships, helping banks transform into the agile, responsive organizations their regulators, shareholders, employees and clients require.

For transformation, profitability, and growth, financial institutions must:

  • Embrace more agile and effective enterprise risk and compliance strategies and tactics
  • Manage regulatory change management
  • Persistently work towards efficient business processes and effective operation

The foremost banks and capital market firms worldwide partner with SureStep to reinvent their business models in order to meet the ever-changing requirements of the market, customers, partners, and regulatory bodies.

SureStep assisted with the architecture and systems development for creating a unified financial issue platform. We designed a common data model and automation workflow that resulted in a 23% reduction in investigation hours for the analysis of financial items.


Chief Risk Officers (CRO’s) at banks say climate risk is the most prominent emerging risk over the next 5 years.


of senior management at banks say that process automation is their #1 area of focus to accelerate digital transformation.