Power & Utilities

In an age in which everyone is looking to conserve natural resources, utility companies are in a unique position.

Power & Utilities

Technology is playing a crucial role in transforming utility companies by enabling them to leverage new-age digital tools to change the way they operate their businesses. By using these tools, utility companies can achieve short-term cost savings and long-term environmental benefits, while also improving the customer experience. The implementation of digital tools can help utilities improve their operations, optimize their asset management, and reduce their environmental footprint.

In an age in which everyone is looking to conserve natural resources, utility companies are in a unique position.

SureStep can positively impact GRC and ESG challenges at utilities by leveraging their expertise in providing advisory and implementation services for data analytics, cloud services. Today's utility companies need to keep up with changing customer expectations, and data and new technologies can help them do that effectively. By collecting and analyzing a great deal of data from individual and business customers, utility companies can gain insights into customer behavior and preferences, and improve their operations accordingly. This also creates significant exposures to data privacy regulations.

SureStep can help utilities use modern technologies such as data analytics, cloud services, AI, and ML to manage data loads in real-time, maximize capacity utilization, and integrate archaic systems with cloud-based solutions that communicate with each other. In addition, SureStep's GRC solutions can help utilities manage their compliance processes and mitigate risks related to data privacy, cybersecurity, and financial reporting. Overall, SureStep can provide utilities with a holistic approach to managing GRC and ESG challenges, helping them improve their operations, reduce risk, and meet regulatory requirements.

SureStep's services open a wide range of exciting possibilities for utilities. Services such as AI and cloud transformation can deliver real value to utility companies that adopt them.


of utility companies are extremely concerned that new environmental regulations will have a negative impact on their business in 2022


Over 70% of utility companies plan to significantly increase spending on risk detection/monitoring, data analytics, and process automation.


of utility companies plan on leveraging external support for their risk management functions.