S2 Fortress

Stay in front of rapidly-changing regulatory compliance and business demands with SureStep’s S2 Fortress

SureStep’s S2 Fortress platform manages risk, regulatory changes, and challenges with ease. Being the only cognitive-driven integrated GRC portfolio in the market, S2 Fortress provides your business with functional components and core services supporting all levels of the organization.

This next-generation GRC software is combines the domain experience and expertize of the SureStep team and powerful Cognos Analytics suite to produce the ability for self-service data insights and exploration.

S2 Fortress features IBM’s Watson’s machine learning and language processing capabilities within a UI that has been created to ease the journey for your first lines of defence in risk management all the way to your risk executives backed by SureStep’s enterprise design thinking strategies.

S2 Fortress Regulatory Compliance Management

Our platform empowers your business by reducing time to understand compliance and regulations and their impacts to your business functions. It has the ability to decrease potential risks, such as fines and regulatory restrictions, that may be applicable due to lack of regulation adherence.

  • Break down the applicable regulations in the form of a requirements catalog, helping you to assess impact on your enterprise, and enabling you to create and manage an actionable plan.
  • Consolidation all regulatory guidelines in a single repository by classifying complex regulations in easy to understand dataset that simplifies your process of managing your business risk.
  • Mapping regulatory guidelines and requirements to processes and business functions. This connects the regulatory data directly to processes, controls, and risks, easing the administrative burden of identifying potential issues before they become problems.
  • Automated distribution of regulatory data to appropriate owners and stakeholders using a simplified web portal available online.
  • Empower users with knowledge and information of regulatory changes, while also allowing you to manage interactions with regulators efficiently.

S2 Fortress Policy Management

Our policy management solution reduces the complexity of adhering to multiple regulatory mandates, including privacy, industry, government, and ethics. S2 Fortress Policy Management uses shared, core services and an open architecture to automate the existing review, testing, remediation, and attestation process.

  • Identification of similarities in all the regulations to eliminate duplication.
  • Manage and simplify the creation of policies and procedures by creating a regulatory library.
  • Monitor and track any regulation changes, utilizing robust audit trails and version control to update and evolve the regulatory libraries, helping businesses remain current.
  • Leverage Watson cognitive suggestions for mapping policies to regulatory obligations.
  • Monitor and Manage regulatory interactions, including inquiries and responses.
  • Deliver actionable, on-demand reports that are used to make sure the compliance risks are identified and corrected immediately.
  • Syncs the compliance programs throughout the company to implement an efficient and standardized approach.
  • Regularly updated with the policies and procedures for external and internal obligations of your business.


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