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 Risk Platform Implementation
Case Study

Risk Platform Implementation

Client Challenges

A World leader in the provisioning of horse racing and betting entertainment is under enormous regulatory pressure and scrutiny to ensure protection of its Clients privacy from outside vendors or any data transfer from integration of services systems used within the organization.

One of the largest Oil and Gas companies of Thailand performs its Annual Risk and Control assessment of almost 200 business entities and 200 Senior Management employees and wanted to compare results between assessments and questionnaire results.

Our Solutions

During SureStep's engagement it was identified that a bridge was needed to allow for development and testing to be completed during all cycles of the project without access to the Client data or systems.

During SureStep's engagement it was identified that a strong process framework was needed

To accomplish this, infrastructure was architected to allow for the following;

  • Secure transfer of configuration environments only
  • Process to architect development environments
  • Change Request Registry identification
  • Versioning & Packaging of deliverables
  • Process and Testing Documentation for agile cycles

Development of this testing methodology allowed for a more agile project cycle reducing time to completion.

Case Study - Risk Platform Implementation Diagram

Case Study - Risk Platform Implementation Diagram

Each delivery package was monitored and tracked to ensure that issues reported, replicated and remediated were packaged and delivered in separate packages to ensure roll back capabilities if required.

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