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Compliance with The Climate Pledge

Compliance with The Climate Pledge

So, Your Organization Signed the Climate Pledge. What’s Your Next Step?

In 2019, Amazon co-founded The Climate Pledge with Global Optimism, a purpose-driven enterprise dedicated to achieving social and environmental change. The goal of the pledge is that for every company that signs up, they need to realize net-zero carbon emissions by 2040, which is 10 years ahead of the Paris Agreement goal. Fast forward to the present, and there are currently over 300 signatories to the pledge, a 600% growth rate in signatories over the past year alone. We’re happy to announce that at SureStep, we’ve already signed The Pledge!

If your organization isn’t already part of The Climate Pledge, we encourage you to join as soon as possible. Signing The Pledge is good for business – not just for the connections organizations make, but also by building a cross-sector of communities that share the same values and work together for a common goal.  

But what happens when it’s time to put in the work?

The Changing Nature of The Climate Pledge

When The Climate Pledge began, there wasn’t really any means of holding organizations to the pledge. However, that is about to change with the inclusion of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) mandates for ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) regulations. Companies that sign or have signed the pledge will soon be responsible for submitting auditable, quarterly reports to track their process in adhering to The Climate Pledge. As Fortune Magazine reported in March of 2022, the SEC’s landmark proposal would “regulate the way companies report greenhouse gas emissions and how climate change affects their business.”

In addition to regularly measuring and reporting greenhouse gas emissions, there are plenty of other measures pledged companies can take to lower the company carbon footprint and achieve net-zero emissions by 2040.  

Organizations can implement decarbonization strategies, make efficiency improvements, and work on materials reductions. Other measures for lowering the company carbon footprint include a wide array of sustainability controls, such as contracting with renewable energy providers, adding recycling programs, spearheading waste reduction initiatives, adopting electric vehicles, and optimizing energy-saving efforts all along the supply chain.  

Again, the progress of all initiatives will soon have to be reported, so if an organization says that they have reduced carbon emissions, they can’t just pay lip service. They must prove it in their reports to the SEC with statements regarding their policies and procedures for eventually obtaining net-zero emissions.

Some organizations will have it easier than others. For instance, shipping, manufacturing, and petroleum-based companies can have a pretty long row to hoe to achieve net-zero emissions. However, it is possible, especially with an expert partner at your side to guide you through the compliances, regulations, and needed changes within your business operations.

How SureStep Helps Your Company Achieve The Climate Pledge

As a trusted advisor on ESG criteria, SureStep has a proven business plan to help both Pledge participants and other organizations achieve carbon reduction and related compliances.  

As The Climate Pledge participants continue to grow, more and more of these companies need a helping hand to meet SEC regulations. SureStep has a proven business plan to help both Pledge participants and other organizations achieve carbon reduction and related compliances.  

We first begin with strategy and planning sessions to get to know your organization’s key stakeholder goals, assess key business areas to target, and set metrics to help ensure success. Our engineers then implement ESG solutions that improve overall resource and materials management. We also advise your stakeholders on governance and reporting so regulatory timeline requirements are met with accurate and compliant reporting to regulators.  

SureStep implements systems and solutions to accurately measure and manage both direct and indirect emissions, whether it’s the total energy consumption of your facilities or the amount of vehicle fuel being used. We’ll even research and identify carbon offset products to help you reach your net-zero carbon goals.

Why Your Company Should Sign The Pledge

Being a supporter of sustainability has long been a successful marketing tactic for companies in general. Almost everyone wants to feel good about themselves and how they treat their surrounding environment. However, joining The Climate Pledge isn’t just about goodwill in the marketplace. There are now tangible benefits for all types of businesses to help them be environmentally conscious while improving the bottom line.  

For starters, being more aware of your energy consumption and implementing SureStep-recommended action items can lead to big returns regarding energy and material costs. An enhanced reputation also attracts new talent to the company. Being part of the Pledge can provide a clear pathway for your company to step out in front of your competitors in both emotional and tangible ways, such as public trust, innovation in the marketplace, and added value to your brand.

Don’t forget that with our world being so interconnected, being an environmentally conscious organization now plays out on a global scale, as worldwide climate-related laws and policies continue to grow. SureStep will help you get ahead of regulations no matter how large or small your market is, help save you from expensive fines or penalties, and keep your company out of trouble with the EPA and other government and watchdog groups. As proof, just look at Tesla, which was recently fined for running afoul of Clear Air Act violations.

Ready to Mitigate Risks So You Can Be Climate Pledge Compliant?

Provide SureStep with some basic information and we’ll set you up with a free one-hour ESG Review. We’ll work with you to understand your sustainability challenges and pain points to start crafting a blueprint for Pledge compliance success.  Schedule your free session.

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