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Process Optimization
Case Study

Process Optimization

Client Challenge

A leading business process outsourcer for transportation and government services in the US engaged us to review and optimize their approach to managing Regulatory Risk, Enterprise Risk, Internal Controls, and Internal Audit. They worked originally with a software vendor directly to solution out a data model and process for managing risk which failed to deliver to expectations.

Our Solution

Our engagement started with a team of Architects, Business Analysts, and Project Managers to help assess the state of the environment and begin to design a new working operating model.

  • Our team interviewed and collected feedback from over 40 employees at the organization to gain insight into problems or concerns in the business
  • Based on the feedback of users and the process model the various GRC teams wanted to implement, we wrote a new Business Requirements Document to capture those team’s vision
  • We designed a robust “target data model” for the platform and the steps required to “lift and shift” historical data into the new way of working
  • During this, we reviewed and developed several “quality of life” improvements to the platform to address concerns of end users to help improve their use of the platform
  • ~Reports that were previously manually extracted and built by hand on a monthly basis were automated into the platform so they can be generated on demand
  • ~Data management issues caused by complexity in their organization required automation on objects to speed up processes and data availability
  • ~Redesigning the “First Line of Defense” or “Issue Owner” access to streamline how business users engage with the system

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